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Week 13 A

It feels like a rough summer on this end but loads of goodness is still coming your way. We planted more fall greens this week–soon, soon enough they’ll be back. Read More …

Harvest 10-B

Over halfway through the season, and still churning out the veggies. This week:Baby CarrotsHeirloom TomatoesCherry TomatoesSweet Bell PeppersHot PeppersSummer Squash/ZucchiniPotatoesBeans

Harvest Week 7-A

In the share this week… Zucchini & Summer SquashCucumbersSweet PeppersHot PeppersSpring OnionsGreen GarlicEggplant And new this week…Red Norland Potatoes!

Havest Week #5-A

Oh, boy it’s HAWT out here this week! Veggies:Chard or Kale or CollardsSpring OnionsKohlrabiZucchini!!!Garlic ScapesGreen GarlicSweet PepperButler’s Blueberries

Harvest Week #4-B

This week we have a few new items to enjoy and a few repeats, but enjoy them while they last! Lettuce MixGarlic ScapesKale or CollardsSwiss ChardSpring Onions–they look gorgeous!TurnipsBeetsFava Beans–oh, Read More …

Harevst #3-A

Sorry Folks the week has gotten away from me and I haven’t posted the harvest list yet and it’s Thursday afternoon and I should be doing 10 other things….but here Read More …