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Extended 2010 #2

We’re back again for the second week of extended season. We had a light frost Saturday morning, and we harvested the majority of the peppers on Thursday and Friday, so this week brings more peppers to you.All in all, it’s a continuation of all things good and delightful that autumn brings to the kitchen. Enjoy! Read More …

Extended season 2010 week #1

Oh, we’ve been mighty delinquent on our blog postings. Please excuse, sometimes it’s hard to get outta the fields and behind a desk! This week for extended share:pepperseggplanthot pepperskaleturnipsradishestatsoiwinter squash There may be something I’m missing there but otherwise . . .enjoy and eat well!-RWCF

Week 13 A

It feels like a rough summer on this end but loads of goodness is still coming your way. We planted more fall greens this week–soon, soon enough they’ll be back. Beans–all 3 varities are coming in so: purple, yellow wax or green may be optionsCarrots–Danvers variety, previous carrots were the Yaya varietySweet Potato greens–a fun Read More …

Split Tomato Overload

We have a large amount of tomatoes with splits after last weeks hard rains. They’ll go fast but they’ll make great sauce or salsa. CSA Harvest for This Week (12B) HeirloomTomatoesCherry TomatoesBeansSummer SquashSweet PeppersHot PeppersBaby CarrotsEggplant In the PYO: ZinniasBasilMarjoramOreganoThymeSageLovageMintChivesCalendulaFeverfewBachelor ButtonsSnapdragonsStaticeStrawflowersAnise Hyssop

Harvest 10-B

Over halfway through the season, and still churning out the veggies. This week:Baby CarrotsHeirloom TomatoesCherry TomatoesSweet Bell PeppersHot PeppersSummer Squash/ZucchiniPotatoesBeans

Harvest Week 9 A

We’re back again after a very hot week from the Annual Montgomery Farm Tour. Thanks to all those who braved the heat and came out. This week in your share:EggplantSweet Bell PeppersHot PeppersPotatoesOnionsZucchiniCucumberCherry TomatoesRed TomatoesHeirloom Tomatoes That’s some good eatin’!

Harvest Week 7-A

In the share this week… Zucchini & Summer SquashCucumbersSweet PeppersHot PeppersSpring OnionsGreen GarlicEggplant And new this week…Red Norland Potatoes!

Havest Week #5-A

Oh, boy it’s HAWT out here this week! Veggies:Chard or Kale or CollardsSpring OnionsKohlrabiZucchini!!!Garlic ScapesGreen GarlicSweet PepperButler’s Blueberries

Harvest Week #4-B

This week we have a few new items to enjoy and a few repeats, but enjoy them while they last! Lettuce MixGarlic ScapesKale or CollardsSwiss ChardSpring Onions–they look gorgeous!TurnipsBeetsFava Beans–oh, boy are they delicious!KohlrabiZucchiniA tasting of Arugula Popcorn & Asparagus==Bonus

Harevst #3-A

Sorry Folks the week has gotten away from me and I haven’t posted the harvest list yet and it’s Thursday afternoon and I should be doing 10 other things….but here we go. Lettuce MixGarlic ScapesCollardsKaleSpring OnionsRadishesTurnipsFava BeansPopcorn *Onion Scapes*Asparagus* in small quantites -a2

CSA 2010 Harvest #2-B

Hello to all you CSA-ers out there! Hope you had a nice extended Memorial Day weekend. To those who picked up their shares last week, we hope you had some great meals. I heard a few reports back that things went over very well. This week we have a similar harvest but with a few Read More …

First Week of CSA 2010!

Hello All, Welcome Back to the Red Wiggler CSA. We are happy to bring you the first harvest of many good things this season! Here’s what we’ve got on tap this week: Garlic Scapes–you know you’ve missed them!Braising Mix–with a little spinach mixed inSpring OnionsKaleCollardsTurnips or RadishesButler’s Strawberries Enjoy!

Extended Season Harvest 5

This is our last week of the extended season, and a beautiful week it is shaping up to be! We are so happy to have had the chance to share this extended season with so many of our CSA members and though we are sad to see it end, we are looking forward to taking Read More …

Extended Season Harvest 4

Check out the newsletter to find out what we’ve been up to in the fields this week! Extended season is winding down- next Wednesday, November 18th is our fifth and final pick up- and we are preparing the fields for the winter season. In the meantime, however, the greens patch is gorgeous and we hope Read More …