Month: June 2010

Havest Week #5-A

Oh, boy it’s HAWT out here this week! Veggies:Chard or Kale or CollardsSpring OnionsKohlrabiZucchini!!!Garlic ScapesGreen GarlicSweet PepperButler’s Blueberries

Harvest Week #4-B

This week we have a few new items to enjoy and a few repeats, but enjoy them while they last! Lettuce MixGarlic ScapesKale or CollardsSwiss ChardSpring Onions–they look gorgeous!TurnipsBeetsFava Beans–oh, boy are they delicious!KohlrabiZucchiniA tasting of Arugula Popcorn & Asparagus==Bonus

Harevst #3-A

Sorry Folks the week has gotten away from me and I haven’t posted the harvest list yet and it’s Thursday afternoon and I should be doing 10 other things….but here we go. Lettuce MixGarlic ScapesCollardsKaleSpring OnionsRadishesTurnipsFava BeansPopcorn *Onion Scapes*Asparagus* in small quantites -a2

Fabulous Fava Beans!

Fava Beans have come to Red Wiggler! Not just a cover crop any longer, this season we decided to experiment with the Fava Beans (also called Broad Beans) and see if a tasty new crop would join the ranks of Red Wiggler favorites. Yesterday was a beautiful day to harvest the great green pods, and Read More …

CSA 2010 Harvest #2-B

Hello to all you CSA-ers out there! Hope you had a nice extended Memorial Day weekend. To those who picked up their shares last week, we hope you had some great meals. I heard a few reports back that things went over very well. This week we have a similar harvest but with a few Read More …