Month: August 2010

Week 13 A

It feels like a rough summer on this end but loads of goodness is still coming your way. We planted more fall greens this week–soon, soon enough they’ll be back. Beans–all 3 varities are coming in so: purple, yellow wax or green may be optionsCarrots–Danvers variety, previous carrots were the Yaya varietySweet Potato greens–a fun Read More …

Scouts Build Bird Houses

By Liam Fox Recently I and many of my friends worked to improve the availability of real estate for Red Wiggler, bird real estate that is. My name is Liam Fox, I have been volunteering at Red Wiggler for several years. I am also a Boy Scout and wanted to do something for the farm Read More …

Split Tomato Overload

We have a large amount of tomatoes with splits after last weeks hard rains. They’ll go fast but they’ll make great sauce or salsa. CSA Harvest for This Week (12B) HeirloomTomatoesCherry TomatoesBeansSummer SquashSweet PeppersHot PeppersBaby CarrotsEggplant In the PYO: ZinniasBasilMarjoramOreganoThymeSageLovageMintChivesCalendulaFeverfewBachelor ButtonsSnapdragonsStaticeStrawflowersAnise Hyssop

Harvest 10-B

Over halfway through the season, and still churning out the veggies. This week:Baby CarrotsHeirloom TomatoesCherry TomatoesSweet Bell PeppersHot PeppersSummer Squash/ZucchiniPotatoesBeans

Remembering Hallie Wells Birthday Today

Red Wiggler Community Farm remembers Hallie Ausmus Wells birthday today August 1, 1893- she would be 117. Below is a re-posting of an archived blog entry describing how she came to donate her 290 acre farm to the Park system in 1981- we are very grateful for this special woman and her contribution to our Read More …