group wave


As much as we love the vegetables, we also love the people who work hard to make Red Wiggler Community Farm the place that it is. Our staff is supported by a Board of Directors and countless volunteers each year.

Core Staff

Woody Woodroof
Executive Director & Founder

Andrea Barnhart
Farm Manager

Molly McCracken
Education and Outreach Coordinator



Melissa McLearen
Field and Facilities Manager

Katie Junghans
Volunteer and Grower Coordinator

Diane Ringel
Business Manager


Hans Berg
Kimberly Cauley
Tyler Cunningham
John Dillencourt
Jerry Dillon
Elaine Fickenscher
Paul Godfrey

Steve Lashmit
Nuno Reis
David Ruch
Samantha Sheehan
Iya Snowber
Craig Springer
Stephen Stewart
Brandon Vreeland


Board of Directors

Marlene Michaelson - President
Nancy Everett - Vice President
Anne Wolfe - Secretary
Jim Hochron - Treasurer
Jim Heaney
Katie Sebastian


Jean White
Kati Gimes
Jean Hochron
Cynthia Hamilton
Katie Brewer
Carol Rieg