Grower Program

Red Wiggler provides inclusive work experiences in all parts of farm operations for adults with developmental disabilities. Through the meaningful work of growing and distributing healthy food to the community, Growers gain a professional identity as farmers---as well as vocational, social, and life skills that set them up for success.



Since its founding in 1996, Red Wiggler has provided meaningful employment for adults with developmental disabilities, who are historically underemployed. Today, our paid Growers are crucial to every aspect of growing produce at Red Wiggler. The vegetables they grow are distributed through our unique three-part  Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.



The Growers are an integral part of every activity here at the farm-- from planting seeds and harvesting crops to meeting customers, training volunteers, and teaching visitors.  Our goal is for each person who visits the farm to have a meaningful experience interacting with a Grower. All workers at the farm, Growers, staff, and volunteers, work together on the shared goal of growing high-quality vegetables and distributing them to our diverse community. These dignified, strength-based interactions represent inclusion at its best. 



Growers and program staff work together to develop and track vocational and social skills that promote growth and independence. Examples include: seeding seeds,  post-harvest handling, filling out timesheets,  public speaking, and following multi-step instructions. Currently, Red Wiggler tracks the development of over 50 skills through 4 progressions: introduced--> expected--> independent--> able to lead.

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