Month: June 2008

Harvest #5 -A

Coming to you in this week’s harvest: Kale &/or ChardTurnipsRadishesSpring OnionsGarlic ScapesSalad Mix or LettuceSummer Squash-it’s starts out slow, but will have plenty for you soon!Butler’s Blueberries -adrienne

Harvest #4-B

Hello Folks, This is an important note, regarding the down county water main break—We have not, NOT, washed or cleaned any of the vegetables for Wednesday’s pick up, because of the possible water contamination issue. Thus, you will be advised to wash them properly at your own homes. The washing/un-washing of vegetables for Saturday’s pick Read More …

Harvest #3-A

TurnipsRadishesMore Garlic Scapes!!Spring OnionsBaby Collards or Chard SpinachBraising Mix or Arugula PeasButler’s Strawberries Just a reminder that you should enjoy some Cilantro, Dill, Oregano and Thyme from the PYO. I made some amazing cilantro pesto last weekend. Yum! The more you pick you now, the more there will be for later. So enjoy it now! Read More …

Harvest #2

Butler’s StrawberriesGarlic ScapesSpring OnionsRadishesBaby Kale BunchesGreens-of some sort New to the PYO this week: Cilantro, Dill, Yarrow flowers and Gaillardia flowers. Be prepared to grab some Lovage, as I’ve added a few recipes to the Newsletter.