Month: August 2008

Harvest 13-A

Sorry to the avid blog watchers and menu planners, the week has gotten away from me and here it is 2 o’clock Wednesday and not yet a blog posting in sight. Very Sorry. Here’s what we’ve got this week: Summer SquashSweet PeppersHot PeppersGarlicBeansCarrotsPears–from a neighbor’s yardRed TomatoesHeirloom TomatoesCherry Tomatoes It is again imperative that everyone Read More …

Harvest 12-B

Hello Red Wiggler Fans, Coming to you this week from the fields are a few more delicious veggies for you to make incredible “local” meals from. Garlic-2 bulbsRed TomatoesCherry TomatoesHeirloom TomatoesGreen Beans–Sorry, only a 1/2# eachEggplantHot PeppersSweet PeppersSummer Squash**There’s a lull between cucumber plantings, so none this week or next, but perhaps the following week. Read More …

Ovid Hazen Wells Park Origins

They had no children, and this fact led, in 1956, to Ovid Hazen Wells and Hallie Ausmus Wells making a momentous decision which affects us all today. They clearly loved the State of Maryland, the open landscapes of Montgomery County and the charm of farming life. They both seemed to be visionaries of their time Read More …

Harvest 11-A

This is what we have for this week: EggplantSweet PeppersHot PeppersSummer SquashCucumbersRed TomatoesHeirloom TomatoesCherry TomatoesGarlic ** For those who are interested in MORE tomatoes, we have “seconds” for sale.

Harvest 10-B

It’s a “B” week for all you confused Alternate CSA-ers. Here’s a what we have for you this week: Hot Peppers–Stuff those Hungarian Hot Waxes!Sweet PeppersGarlicSummer SquashCucumbersCherry TomatoesRed TomatoesHeirloom tomatoesBeans* and perhaps a few surprises too! Enjoy!