Month: August 2008

Harvest 12-B

Hello Red Wiggler Fans, Coming to you this week from the fields are a few more delicious veggies for you to make incredible “local” meals from. Garlic-2 bulbsRed TomatoesCherry TomatoesHeirloom Read More …

Harvest 11-A

This is what we have for this week: EggplantSweet PeppersHot PeppersSummer SquashCucumbersRed TomatoesHeirloom TomatoesCherry TomatoesGarlic ** For those who are interested in MORE tomatoes, we have “seconds” for sale.

Harvest 10-B

It’s a “B” week for all you confused Alternate CSA-ers. Here’s a what we have for you this week: Hot Peppers–Stuff those Hungarian Hot Waxes!Sweet PeppersGarlicSummer SquashCucumbersCherry TomatoesRed TomatoesHeirloom tomatoesBeans* Read More …