Year: 2010

Farm to Food Bank program highlighted

Click here to donate nowChannel 7 in DC did a story about our Farm to Food Bank partnership with Manna Food Center, Kaiser Permanente and Whole Foods. here is the blurb from Channel 7’s web site:GAITHERSBURG, Md. – A new program in Montgomery County is bringing some of the highest quality foods to those who Read More …

Chickens on the Move

The chickens have moved! After determining that it is time for them to start earning their keep around here, we found a nice spot in the retired spring greens for our mobile chicken tractor. Last week we rolled our friends up to the field, set out the fencing to keep them happily contained, then turned Read More …

Harvest Week 7-A

In the share this week… Zucchini & Summer SquashCucumbersSweet PeppersHot PeppersSpring OnionsGreen GarlicEggplant And new this week…Red Norland Potatoes!

Havest Week #5-A

Oh, boy it’s HAWT out here this week! Veggies:Chard or Kale or CollardsSpring OnionsKohlrabiZucchini!!!Garlic ScapesGreen GarlicSweet PepperButler’s Blueberries

Harvest Week #4-B

This week we have a few new items to enjoy and a few repeats, but enjoy them while they last! Lettuce MixGarlic ScapesKale or CollardsSwiss ChardSpring Onions–they look gorgeous!TurnipsBeetsFava Beans–oh, boy are they delicious!KohlrabiZucchiniA tasting of Arugula Popcorn & Asparagus==Bonus

Harevst #3-A

Sorry Folks the week has gotten away from me and I haven’t posted the harvest list yet and it’s Thursday afternoon and I should be doing 10 other things….but here we go. Lettuce MixGarlic ScapesCollardsKaleSpring OnionsRadishesTurnipsFava BeansPopcorn *Onion Scapes*Asparagus* in small quantites -a2

Fabulous Fava Beans!

Fava Beans have come to Red Wiggler! Not just a cover crop any longer, this season we decided to experiment with the Fava Beans (also called Broad Beans) and see if a tasty new crop would join the ranks of Red Wiggler favorites. Yesterday was a beautiful day to harvest the great green pods, and Read More …

CSA 2010 Harvest #2-B

Hello to all you CSA-ers out there! Hope you had a nice extended Memorial Day weekend. To those who picked up their shares last week, we hope you had some great meals. I heard a few reports back that things went over very well. This week we have a similar harvest but with a few Read More …

First Week of CSA 2010!

Hello All, Welcome Back to the Red Wiggler CSA. We are happy to bring you the first harvest of many good things this season! Here’s what we’ve got on tap this week: Garlic Scapes–you know you’ve missed them!Braising Mix–with a little spinach mixed inSpring OnionsKaleCollardsTurnips or RadishesButler’s Strawberries Enjoy!

Planting Potatoes

The potatoes are in! In classic Red Wiggler style, we have planted not one, not two, but six (yes, six) beautiful varieties of potatoes over the past two weeks. Red Norlands, Yukon Golds, German Butterballs, French Fingerlings, Purple Vikings and All Blues have been tucked into their beds and are waiting for a nice rain Read More …

Adventures in CHICKENS!

That’s right friends, the rumors are true- Red Wiggler will be adding CHICKENS to our farm this season! Ready to start this project off on the right foot, Andrea and Liz headed out to Whitmore Farms at the beginning of March to visit our old friend Loran and our new friends, Will and Kent, owners Read More …

Support Red Wiggler by eating at Chop’t

Hello Loyal Friends and Supporters! We wanted to let people know that if they stop into Chop’t Restaurants in DC–there are 5 convenient locations–you can support Red Wiggler by ordering their featured salad for the month. Part of the cost will go to Red Wiggler to support our programs. So eat a healthy delicious meal Read More …

Farm Conference Fun!

We’re off to the annual PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture) conference at Penn State University in State College, PA. We’re sure to meet old and new friends and learn a few new tricks to bring back to the farm. Whoohoo!