Chicken Little -or- Chicks arrive at Red Wiggler!

May 11th, 2010

The chicks are here! They arrived yesterday evening after a short ride down from Whitmore Farm and settled into their new digs for what ended up being a chilly night. Even so, the little ones kept each other cozy through the night and were happily chirping away in the barn this morning. We are all very excited that they are here, and they are bound to be a source of frequent comment in this space!

After spending last week freshening up the wagon with a new coat of paint and rigging just the right brooding situation…

we abandoned the outdoor setup in favor of a smaller, more insulated brooding space inside the barn- at least until these cold overnight temperatures subside!

The chicks were greeted by some eager farmers…

(Adrienne still thinks they are awfully cute, even when they leave unexpected surprises on her clothes)

and when acquaintances were made, the chicks settled in for the night. Night chickies!