Week #18–The Last Hurrah!

October 10th, 2007

Here’s a picture of us sorting tomatoes in OCTOBER! Crazy that we still have them, but we won’t deny that they’re still great. So on an endnote of the last harvest, here’s the list:

Apples (from a neighbor’s yard-not pretty, but good for baking and eating too)
Green Tomatoes
Red Tomatoes
Heirloom Tomatoes
Sweet Peppers
Hot Peppers
A Winter Squash
A Pumpkin
bag of broccoli/carrot mix
*Cherry Tomatoes are Pick-your-Own

As always, thanks for your support. We’d love to see you again next year! Please don’t forget to fill out your Shareholder Survey.

1 Comment on “Week #18–The Last Hurrah!

  1. Thank you to Woody, Adrienne, the growers, and everyone else for another wonderful season!

    Valerie, Tom, Mimi

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