What do Farmers give out to Trick or Treaters?

November 03rd, 2009

About a hundred pounds of bright pink turnips.

In addition to getting together our regular harvest for extended season CSA, this past week the crew also picked over 200 pounds of surplus turnips from the beds! The jewel-toned Scarlet Queen turnips had reached an impressive size and were just aching to be plucked from the soil and rinsed to reveal their electric pink skin.

These turnips, along with carving pumpkins generously donated by Butler’s Orchard, were distributed to two of our partnering group home agencies and Manna Food Bank in time for Halloween!

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  1. On a visit to Turner Farm in Cincinnati we were picking turnips and they said that the original jack-o-lanterns were made of turnips. Maybe next year you could try carving some?

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