Field Interviews

October 29th, 2009
Ever wonder how some of our younger volunteers see their farm experiences? Tobias, age 6, was kind enough to share his thoughts in an interview:

What did you do at the farm today?

I planted garlic and picked kale and got radishes and beets.

How do you pick kale?

You look for the ones that don’t have holes in them. The bigger leaves, the better.

And what about the radishes and beets?

You see the ball and pull it out. If it’s too small, ask if it’s big enough. If it’s ugly [has yellow leaves, or insect or other damage], just put it down on the ground.

Now, how do you plant garlic?

You make the soil loose, and then put down the garlic pieces. Have the pointy side up, and push it down in the ground. Make sure the pointy side stays up. Press it down so far that you can’t see it. Then cover up the hole.
And when I got home, I planted garlic, just like you’re supposed to [the way I learned at the farm].

Why do you volunteer at Red Wiggler?

It is fun to work pulling stuff out, putting stuff on tractors, picking tomatoes and all sorts of stuff like that.

Thanks, Tobias!

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  1. This is my favorite post of the week by far!! What you are teaching kids (and adults) is so important.
    Tobias sounds like he really knows what he's talking about!
    Red Wiggler Farm ROCKS!

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