Blue Ribbon Garlic at County Fair

August 16th, 2009

We have been growing garlic as an integral part of the Red Wiggler program for the past 14 years. This year we won First Place for our garlic at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair. We planted 300 pounds of garlic last fall and have yielded over 1500 pounds of garlic! We will be supplying our CSA and our Farm to Group Home participants and our local Food Bank- MANNA throughout the harvest season. And…

This year we are selling bulk garlic to those who want 5 pounds or more.
We sell “Table Garlic” for $10 per pound (about 12 bulbs per pound)
And we sell our biggest garlic as “Seed Garlic” for $15 per pound ( 8 bulbs per pound)
Plus shipping and handling unless you schedule to pick up at the farm.
Please email for specifics.

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2 Comments on “Blue Ribbon Garlic at County Fair

  1. Ajo would be proud!
    A lot of work and a lot of patience went into your award,
    congratulations Red Wigglers!

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