Head Lettuce Heading Out

July 10th, 2009

Dear Friends,

The time has come. Our lovely friend the head lettuce, is passing on to better things (like your salad bowl) and won’t be back until the fall. We’ve really enjoyed the time we’ve got to spend with the head lettuce, and hope you’ve enjoyed the four glorious weeks it made it into your CSA Share.
We’ve loved all of our head lettuces, and choosing a favorite is a little bit like choosing a favorite child—impossible. So that’s why we thought we’d let you choose. Please tell us who your favorite head lettuce was and we’ll keep that in mind as we plan for the fall and next spring. (We promise we won’t tell them!)

Your choices are:

Malawi Red Oakleaf ———— Garrison Red Oakleaf

Simpson Elite —————–Sylvesta Green Butterhead

New Red Fire Red Leaf
Write us a comment or let us know at pick up who the winner was for you! Thanks!

3 Comments on “Head Lettuce Heading Out

  1. Sylvesta Green Butterhead & Garrison Red Oakleaf were great. The fun is having a variety in the salad bowl, please keep at least 3 total??

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