The Potatoes Have Left the Building

April 10th, 2009

On Thursday we successfully planted our 250 pounds of potatoes! The wind died down and we were able to get them all into the ground. We ended up planting three rows under the landscape fabric and about five rows in regular hills.
Come July we’re looking forward to harvesting several different varieties: German Butterballs, Red Norlands, All Blues, Yukon Golds, and Kennebecs are all on the menu. Planting potatoes with the growers was a great activity. Since the potato peices are sturdy and easy to handle everyone could pitch in and we were quick to get them nicely planted. Here we are, in the photo above, raking hills up around the potatoes that just went in.

Two of the growers took some excellent photos yesterday, including this nice one of Adrienne on the tractor, above, and Michelle and one of growers checking out a German Butterball that’s about to be planted, below.

And no, that’s not rocket woman! It’s just Adrienne using the handy flame weeder to burn holes in the landscape fabric so we can plant through it. (It does look like she’s about to take off though!)

In other news, the Kohlrabi also made it into the field, as we transplanted the seedlings we’d hardened off in the barn earlier.

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