Customer Testimonials

December 17th, 2008

It’s great when someone says nice things about you. It always is. Here’s what some of our customers have said about us.

“The season was a total success for us……excellent quality, quantity and variety. The weekly trips to the farm are also a bonus………….it’s a little oasis. The CSA has definitely broadened our vegetable experience and helped make us healthier consumers. Thank you!”

“We treasure our participation in an endeavor so obviously a labor of love: love of the earth and for all her people. We speak to friends of Red Wiggler as our farm (easily said by those who don’t sweat or freeze in the fields!) because we feel such a part of the enterprise. We don’t see ourselves as customers exchanging cash for product. We don’t care if we are receiving maximum value in the trade of money for produce. Much of the value comes from supporting good people doing good work. Well, that, and also opening up a jar of our Wiggler Red Sauce or Salsa on a winter night and tasting the warmth of the summer past and the promise of the summer to come.”

“I look forward to coming to Red Wiggler every week! I love to pick the fresh flowers and herbs–it is such a quiet and beautiful farm. Having the variety of produce in the shares has caused me to grow in how I cook and the menus that I plan. We eat much less processed and “fast food” because I plan our meals around the food in our shares, and we don’t need that type of food anymore. We also eat more “lower on the food-chain foods” because veggies and fruits are such a large part of the meals. I think it is important for my children to be connected to how their food is grown, and I think it is important for them to learn how important it is to care for the earth. We discuss how organic methods are good for the earth, the animals and insects and of course our bodies. I also like the opportunity to participate in providing meaningful work for developmentally disabled adults and share that message with my kids, as well. I hope that as my children get older, they will want to volunteer and share in this important work. This is the first year I participated in the extended share and I am very glad that I did. My family is sad that we won’t have the fresh “farm-food” for the next few months!”

“Participating in the Red Wiggler CSA has reinforced for me the conviction that agriculture can be a viable part of our local economy, even in a growing and highly developed area like Montgomery County; has reassured me that there are many people in the area who care about agriculture and healthy food; has encouraged me to cook and eat seasonally, and seek out new ways to prepare the produce we receive; and has led me to look into movements related to the CSA movement such as Slow Food and local economies.”

Wow! Thanks!
-red wiggler

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  1. Carol Stern, Susan Dunton and I (Pat Cilimberg) live on a 14 house court in MV. We share a membership in Red Wiggler. The 3 of us look forward to our trip each Saturday during the RW season. We are also happy to support this wonderful Community effort. God Bless you all. Pat Cilimberg

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