Harvest #6-B

July 01st, 2008

Exciting developments in the PYO this week. . . the flowers look gorgeous!!!! Argostemma (aka Corn Cockle), snapdragons, clarkia, calendula, sweet peas, zinnias, statice, salvia, strawflowers, bee balm, gaillardia, and Gladiolus (only one stem please), all are in bloom and are very, very lovely. Plus, the basil is ready for picking. Liz, Michelle, or myself will help show you how to pick it so that we pick it in a way that is healthy and will create more basil for months to come.


Salad Mix or Braising Mix
Spring Onions
Garlic Scapes
Turnips–love ’em up now because you won’t be getting anymore for the next 2 months
Summer Squash
Butler’s Blueberries