Harvest #4-B

June 17th, 2008

Hello Folks,

This is an important note, regarding the down county water main break—We have not, NOT, washed or cleaned any of the vegetables for Wednesday’s pick up, because of the possible water contamination issue. Thus, you will be advised to wash them properly at your own homes. The washing/un-washing of vegetables for Saturday’s pick up depends largely if the water main is fixed, but please be advised of the possibility of receiving unwashed, i.e., veggies with dirt still on them.

Accordingly, we have harvested more roots this week than normal, because they hold up better being unwashed.

Hakurei Turnips
Purple Top Turnips
Spring Onions
Garlic Scapes
Baby Beets
Bunched Kale
Green Garlic
* Possibility of a cut greens, either salad or arugula
* Also please note, above the Adirondack chairs on the way to the PYO is a Mulberry tree with very ripe fruit. PLEASE, PLEASE help yourself.