Some work around the farm

March 19th, 2008

We moved some trees around the other day that had been donated to us last fall. We’re going to plant them to help create a windbreak/hedgerow. Most of the cooler weather at the farm comes off the hill to the northwest.
Next on our list is to put up the new section of our deer fence to keep the deer out of our fields. And then we can go ahead and plant our first peas and onions.

3 Comments on “Some work around the farm

  1. Keep the updates coming! We enjoy learning about what’s happening on the the farm, and look forward to coming back to work alongside the Growers.

    Early this evening, we happened to drive along Route 27 past the farm. I asked my son whether he could see the solar house from the road. “Oh, yes, there it is!” he exclaimed. 🙂

  2. Now that I found this blog I am wondering what happened to art farm my favorite event in the world! I understand it will not happen…wondering what the problem is….I always brought my artcars and we had a great time. What could have happened to something so note-worthy and wonderful. Someone let me
    We are willing to help as needed.

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