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January 24th, 2008

Photo of UMD solar house donated to Red Wiggler after the 2005 Solar Decathlon. Yesterday (01/23/08) The 51 panel array was hooked up for the first time since October 2005. We are using the original Outback inverter with a gel battery back of 4 for now. We hope to be “grid tied” by Easter pending final approvals and construction time. We are grateful to the University of Maryland Solar Team/s for there assistance in reestablishing this home here at Ovid Hazen Wells Park.

The porch light is ON !!!

Thanks to Master Electrician John Cartagirone for bringing the solar array on line! Shown here with the original inverter located in the small basement.

12/20/07 day after “house moving day”

The house sliding onto the foundation.
The steel beams are “greased” with conventional bar soap that Mr. Matiko (Expert House) buys on sale at the Dollar Store. The process was a pure lesson in practical physics.
Mr. Matiko – House Mover
We are especially grateful to Expert House Movers for a dramatically reduced “house move” rate. Thanks to the Matiko family and their workers.

Jay from Parks Development, Rob Murray and Dick Magnani Engineers ensuring a house perfect landing. Thanks to all three of you for your attention to details!

Andrews and Sons Excavators put the road up to the solar house in and built the foundation. They will also be installing the septic systems in January and February. They were on hand for the “house move” to do whatever needed doing. Honestly the entire work day sun up to beyond sundown there was a whole lot of that “hury up and wait” thing that happens when everything needs to be just right. Thanks to these guys for their work.

Hannah Robinson, Rob Murray and Dick Magnani – 05 UMD Solar Team members

Kaye Brubaker (center) from the UMD engineering department and 2005 Solar Team faculty advisory was on hand to watch the house move.

Red Wiggler Project Manager Dave Furman – basement man! 10/07

The house was moved onto the permanent foundation on 12/19/07. Thanks to the Park Inspector (Jay) for invaluable assistance. Thanks again and again to UMD Solar House team members for their continued commitment to the 2005 Solar Decathlon house.

Debra and Woody and the Red Wiggler Community Farm 12/19/07
Thanks to all who have helped bring the 2005 UMD Solar House
to Ovid Hazen Wells Park. posted 01/24/08

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful sight!
    Congratulations Red Wiggler, once again, a huge project completed.

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