9th CSA Harvest

August 01st, 2006

Staff member drinking water in the August of 2005.

Ohhh it is a hot one out there- 100 degrees and humid. This means our tomatoes are happy and our growers, one and all, are encouraged to hydrate throughout the harvest. This photo is one Jerry took yesterday.

This week the harvest looks like this:
Regular red tomatoes with a few heirlooms coming in
Cherry tomatoes
Summer Squash
Green (or purple) beans
and the First harvest of Eggplant!

For those of you following the plight of the Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly here is a link to an article in the Gazette that describes the conservation efforts underway to enhance the habitat for our state insect.

2 Comments on “9th CSA Harvest

  1. Love the photos. Keep ’em coming! They really help to tell the story of the Farm goings-on.

    Those cherry tomatoes are yummy! It’s hard to eat just one. 🙂

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