1st CSA Harvest/s

May 31st, 2006

Fresh strawberries from Butler's Orchard.
This week is the beginning of our regular 20 week harvest season.

Community Supported Agriculture participants will pick up the following vegetables here on the farm.
Members come on:
Wednesdays between 2 pm and 6 pm
Saturdays between 9 am and noon.
Here is what is in this week’s harvest:

1 bunch of Hakurei Turnips– these are great chopped and added raw to a salad or lightly braised and added to greens. And the Turnip greens are great treated just like any other cooking greens. We suggest a very lightly wilting of the greens- they are FRESH and harvested on Wednesday and need only a few moments in a pan with olive oil to be ready to eat.

1 bunch of Red Russian Kale– again freshly harvested- just wash chop and wilt on low heat in olive oil for no more than a few minutes.

1 bunch of Collards for braising

1 bag of mixed Braising Greens (komatsuna, mibuna, green wave mustard, Osaka purple to name a few varieties in the mix) This mix of greens is for cooking down lightly- same as above.

1 bag of Spinach to be eaten raw or cooked down

1 bunch of Spring Onions

1 handful of Garlic Scapes– sauteed with greens

1 quart of fresh Strawberries (early glo) harvested across the street at Butlers Orchard. Butlers grow these conventionally.

Please remember to ALWAYS wash ALL of your vegetables. And if you wash them right when you get home from the farm, they will freshen up and keep longer in your icebox. Plus, washing your vegetables ensures healthy food.


8 Comments on “1st CSA Harvest/s

  1. Yummmmmm! Thanks for the update, Woody. This is a great way to know how to plan my menus. I really appreciate the posting.

  2. We are *very* enthused for the first veggie pick-up of the season! Thanks very much for the blog info on this week’s items — this is very useful indeed.

  3. We also are very excited for the season to begin!! The blog is very useful to us for keeping up on the process/progress and what’s coming up…thank you for keeping us so well informed! This is our first year, so we look forward to meeting everyone and getting an opportunity in the weeks to come to help out.

    See you Saturday!
    The Tomkins

  4. This is great for planning the weekly menu. If anyone wants a tip, we usually sautee greens with oil and garlic.

  5. I’ve got the Red Wiggler blog at my fingertips at all times! I subscribe to the feed in my desktop newsreader, and also via Bloglines.

    The cooking suggestions for the greens and other goodies are helpful. We’re looking forward to our pickups!

  6. I agree, it is nice to know ahead of time what we are getting. Please keep this up. I also like the labels on the produce at pickup and the newsletter.
    A very yummy recipe for using your greens is the recipe for greens and rice on the recipe page (even my 2 year old likes it!). Keep up the good work.

  7. I routinely check the website and blog everyday or two. We appreciate the info and effort.

    Tim Pollak

  8. I love having the list in advance. It will help me plan my menus and help me know what to buy at the grocery store and, more importantly, what NOT to buy! I also like the idea of the labels on bagged items. I am new to lots of these things and need help remembering what’s what!

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