Exciting Developments

February 08th, 2006

Well, things have begun to gather steam around these parts lately. Last weekend we went to the PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture) conference at Penn State. We all (Beth, Woody, and Adrienne) walked away excited for the new season, loaded with lots of new knowledge and ideas.

Shouts of joy were let out this morning around 11am as, Mike, our UPS man delivered the bulk of our Johnny’s Selected Seeds order. Now things can really begin! Though we’ll wait to the end of the month to turn the office into a thriving greenhouse. Thanks Johnny’s for the generous donation!!

On another front, Woody and Shannon have been working hard on a new BIG grant! Go team!!

To top things off, as I was sitting here at my desk, a chubby little groundhog wandered by the window and when I went out to investigate him I noticed the daffodils budding up. Whew, spring is on the way!

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  1. Wow! Seeds! I’m so excited. Part of the great fun of gardening is getting seeds in January. I can just begin to taste those fresh greens already. Thanks for the good news.

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