Who is Red Wiggler?

June 05th, 2005

Red Wiggler Community Farm is a 501(c)3 non-profit located in Montgomery County Maryland. Just as red wiggler worms work to create fertile soil where plants are likly to grow and be healthy, Red Wiggler exists to nuture our community so that we can grow and be sucessful in our lives.

Since 1996 we’ve offered fully included jobs to adults with developmental disabilities through the business of growing and selling high quality, home grown vegetables. The backbone of our farm is our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program which, by its nature, creates and nurtures a healthy and inclusive community. We also work to provide opportunities for area youth to participate in small scale farming. Food that does not gets sold is sent to local Food Banks. Finally, all our activities occur in cooperation with nature and through the lens of environmental stewardship.

This is our first blog posting . We hope this venue will provide our growers, one and all, a way to show off all the great work being done on the farm. For now, I am going to study up and see if we can get some photos up soon. Please return soon. Thanks, Woody Woodroof June 4rd 2005

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  1. To download them, hit the image icon that comes up when you post (over the text box). Then download the free software that Blogger provides. It’s actually pretty easy. I got it to work and I’m no good at all with computers.

  2. We are starting to develop a similar project on our 17 acre farm in Hershey, PA. We are in partnership with United Cerebral Palsy of Central PA. We would like to visit your farm and talk to you about your experience and CSA. Our website is http://www.hopespringsfarm.org .
    Would there be a good time for us to visit with our farm manager?-Neil

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