Lots of Activities on the Farm

May 11th, 2022

So many great things have been happening at the farm! Here, five individuals are using shuffle hoes to weed a bed in preparation of direct seeding of radishes.

Here, David (left) is putting seedlings away, and Anne and Lynn are putting small pots away.

David is holding a tray of seedlings and getting ready to put it away.

In the following photo, Brandon (right) and Jim (left) are rinsing seeding trays.

Reed (left) and Rachel (right) are attaching a sign to a garden post in the Pick-Your-Own area.

Four individuals (David, Ashley, Debbie, and Maddy) installed the wobbler in a bed of carrots.

Here, three individuals raked and prepped a bed for direct seeding of cilantro and dill.

,Afterwards, Debbie, Lynn, and Maddy measured the bed and then used an EarthWay precision seeder to direct seed cilantro and dill.