Bernie the Pigeon

March 15th, 2022

Last year, Red Wiggler had a white pigeon come to our farm and make a nest and home here temporarily, and we named it Bernie. Bernie first showed up in May of 2021, and although Bernie had an identification band on its foot, Bernie returned to Red Wiggler time and time again.

Bernie loved watching people and our activities from the ledge above the back door of the Murray Building and by the greenhouse. This is where Bernie nested and spent a lot of time watching and interacting with us.

We fed and provided water for Bernie, and Bernie seemed to enjoy everyone's company and all the activities on the farm.

Check out this video of Bernie eating out of our hands.

Here is Bernie flying by the Solar House and checking out things from there.
As much as we loved Bernie and after Bernie spent about 4 months hanging out at Red Wiggler, ultimately we found Bernie a foster through Palomacy. Here is a photo of Farm Manager Melissa handing off Bernie in September 2021.

And here is a photo of Bernie and Bernie's new foster home.

Thank you to Bernie for choosing Red Wiggler as a temporary home, and we wish Bernie the best!