Eastern Bluebirds

November 12th, 2020

Below, check out some very cool photos of Eastern Bluebirds that visited Red Wiggler earlier this summer/fall.

The following 3 photos were captured by Bonnie (one of our CSA members and supporters).

Here are some Eastern Bluebird fun facts:

* Native territorial birds, only found in North America

* Builds nests in birdhouses, abandoned nest cavities/holes in trees, etc.

* Female may lay 3-8 pale blue (sometimes white) eggs at a time

* Eggs hatch after approximately 2 weeks

* Chicks ready to leave within 18-20 days of hatching

* Lifespan of 6-10 years in the wild

* Are omnivores and will eat bugs and wild berries, fruits, and seeds

* Can reach speeds up to 17 miles per hours flying/in flight

The following 2 were captured by Woody (Red Wiggler Community Farm’s Executive Director & Founder).

Hope you get to see some Eastern Bluebirds next year when they migrate back up this way!