#VeggieWednesday — Carrots

November 04th, 2020

It’s #VeggieWednesday – and today, it’s all about carrots! Last week, we had a really good carrot harvest in the light rain showers. Carrots are a root vegetable and the second most popular vegetable behind potatoes. Carrots are a good source of vitamin A and beta-carotene, and can be orange, white, yellow, red, or purple in color.

Here is a picture of the beautiful carrots we harvested.

.Here are some other carrot fun facts:

* Of all vegetables, carrots have the second highest naturally occurring sugar content.

* Heaviest carrot recorded was over 19 pounds and longest recorded was over 19 feet!

* Carrots are more nutritious when cooked than when raw.

* Carrot leaves/greens are edible.

* Baby carrots are not baby carrots at all. Baby carrots are “ugly” carrots shaved, shaped, and trimmed down to make them look pleasant and appealing.

In this photo (front to back) are Meredith, Debbie, Ryan, Steve, and Katie.

Carrots are very versatile and are great in many dishes and recipes, ranging from appetizers, soups, and main dishes to desserts – so enjoy some carrots as much as you can!!

Here is a photo of Ryan.

Steve and Katie are in the next few photos.
And, here we are modeling our new raincoats.