#VeggieWednesday — New Potatoes

July 29th, 2020

It’s #VeggieWednesday! Here at Red Wiggler, we grow red, blue, and white potatoes, and last week, we had our first potato harvest of the season! After waiting for the 1st two rows of potato plants to die, we used the new tractor-pulled potato digger to uproot the spuds.

Next, we went in by hand to harvest and search for any hiding potatoes. Last week’s and this week’s harvest included new potatoes. Last week’s new potatoes were Dark-Red Norland potatoes, which are red skinned with white flesh and are great for boiling or roasting.

This week’s are new blue potatoes.

Typically, potatoes are cured for around two weeks. During that time, the skin toughens, and sugars turn to starch. New potatoes are potatoes that have been freshly dug and have not been cured. New potatoes still have a tender skin and a sweeter taste than storage potatoes. New potatoes don’t need to be refrigerated, but they should be used and eaten within a week. Most potato connoisseurs recommend enjoying new potatoes as simply as possible to take advantage of their fresh flavor. So, the next time you have new potatoes, consider steaming them and topping with a pat of butter and a few fresh chives.