Healthy Eating, Active Living

April 26th, 2019

There's no better workout than farming on a fine spring day. We get our steps in, our muscles toned, and find ourselves in some yoga-esque poses. Check out all the ways to work(out) with us.

Accurate planting starts with measuring the bed. Getting measuring tape around the curves of a hill makes farming a team sport.

We're placing, spacing, and gliding along: planting seed potatoes keeps us low to the ground

Moving hale bales gets arms lifting and hearts pumping.

The drip tape team tests their core strength with a static hold. Rotating jobs gives everyone movement variety.

There's more than one way to move. When planting lettuce, pick the pose that works for you.

Jerry takes a well deserved stretch after laying out rows of heavy rock bags.

Moving soil is harder than it looks. Repetitive motions can be tough on the body, so stretching is encouraged.

Good job. You've earned it. Break time.

Good work can only be powered by good food. It's time to enjoy the harvest with a lunch time salad bar.

Through our very active living there will be plenty more healthy eating to enjoy.

Nuno piles his plate with sorrel, chives, cilantro, spring onions, and leftover greenhouse starts of lettuce, kale, and chard.