Mid-Atlantic Care Farming Summit

November 01st, 2018

On October 16th, 2018 Red Wiggler Community Farm, in partnership with Future Harvest: Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture produced the first-ever Mid-Atlantic Care Farming Summit, on Red Wiggler's campus in Germantown, Maryland.

Red Wiggler identified 19 farms from 6 different states in America and Italy that work specifically with adults with developmental disabilities. Until recently, space for these outfits to come together to learn from each other and advance the field did not exist. While each organization is different, each has similar struggles. We benefited immensely from this day of sharing information around issues of vocational training, horticulture therapy, training staff, and building an inclusive community.

Visit our guests' sites to learn more about the incredible work they're doing in the region:

A Farm Less Ordinary from Bluemont, VA

Langton Green Inc from Annapolis, MD

Arcadia Food Inc from Washington, DC

Blawesome, LLC from Chapel Hill, NC

Living Classrooms Foundation from Baltimore, MD

Camphill Kimberton Village from Kimberton, PA

Loaves and Fishes Farm from Harrisburg, PA

Charles River Center from Wellesley, MA

Lynchburg Grows from Lynchburg, VA

Cura Personalis Project from Brookeville, MD

Peacehaven Community Farm from Whitsett, NC

Five Elements Farm from Worthington, PA

La Lanterna di Diogene from Bomporto, Italy

Full Pocket Farm from Montpelier, VA

Talmar, Inc from Baltimore, MD

Homefields from Millersville, PA

Left Foot Organics from Olympia, WA

Upcounty Community Resources from Germantown, MD