20 ways to celebrate Red Wiggler’s 20th season!

June 16th, 2015

Here are 20 ways you can celebrate
our 20th season with us!
  1. Come for a visit​
  2. Make a Donation of $20
  3. Host an event on behalf of Red Wiggler
  4. Volunteer in the fields
  5. Make a Donation of $1996 (the year RW was founded!)
  6. Donate through employee giving programs at work
  7. Like us on Facebook
  8. Write to us about your experience with RW
  9. Attend the Farm Tour on July 25th
  10. Share your birthday with RW by asking friends to donate
  11. Set up recurring monthly donations
  12. Volunteer at an event
  13. Shop at our Leisure World Market
  14. Share our Facebook posts
  15. Make a donation in honor of a friend
  16. Tell 20 friends about Red Wiggler
  17. Sponsor an event
  18. Shop at our Thanksgiving Market
  19. Attend the Harvest Celebration on September 12th
  20. Tell us how you celebrated using #20YearsandGrowing