Grower Spotlight: Craig

October 29th, 2014

No matter whether we are harvesting beets or squash, Craig wants to find the biggest ones. Craig enjoys picking the greens with leaves big enough to fan a pharaoh, and finding the hidden zucchinis that have grown into baseball bats.  Craig has been working at Red Wiggler since 2006.

One of his regular jobs is to take the compost  up to the compost pile – the stinkier the compost, the bigger his smile.  This year he spent alot of time working at the wash station, spraying the produce carefully before putting it into bins.

Craig loves to mow, and he and his job coach often spend the last hour of the workday  mowing the long straight stretches between the beds.  Craig also enjoys making the deliveries to Manna and to the group homes.

When asked his favorite vegetables, Craig said he most likes sweet potatoes with brown sugar, and mashed potatoes with gravy.  He is planning to spend Halloween with his mother, dress up as a scarecrow, and give out candy to the neighborhood children.