Farm 2 Group Home Delivery

October 29th, 2014

The same delicious vegetables that make up a Red Wiggler CSA share are delivered weekly to the ARC of Montgomery and to Community Support Services (CSS), the agencies that support group homes in Montgomery County.  Almost 11,000 pounds of vegetables, or 29% of our yield, was delivered as part of our Farm to Group Home program this fiscal year.  The value of these deliveries is $37,000.

The barn is a scene of assembly line efficiency while growers and staff prepare the 30 bags to be delivered to group homes.

One team weighs the right amount of sweet potatoes, potatoes, and onions and puts them in the bottom of each bag.  The next team puts in a big handful of sweet peppers and eggplants.  The last team bags kale, collards and pac choi, and it goes on top.


All 30 bags are carefully packed into bread trays and loaded onto the truck.


Sometimes extra bins of arugula, mustards, and beets will be added to the delivery for Adam, the CSS chef.  He creates recipes for our vegetables, and holds cooking classes at the CSS building in Gaithersburg.  He also goes to the group homes and teaches the staff and clients how to prepare the food that comes in their bags.

It is Red Wiggler’s mission in a nutshell:  to make the connection between the good work that we do here together and the healthy food that we enjoy and share with our community!