A Successful 18th Season

December 20th, 2013

Ever wonder what 33,571 pounds of vegetables looks like? That’s nearly 17 tons, and it’s the total amount of produce we distributed to CSA members, group homes and food banks in the 2013 season. We also hosted a whopping 2,646 volunteer hours in our fields and employed 16 Growers to do valuable, meaningful work. Looking at the numbers, we consider 2013 a resounding success!

We could not have completed our 18th season without the dedication and support of Red Wiggler customers, contributors, volunteers, Growers and staff.

What’s next?

All the work we do is made possible by generous contributions from our supporters. As we look forward to the upcoming winter, we are excited to roll out a new and innovative Red Wiggler initiative. Starting in January, we will continue to serve youth and adults with and without disabilities by providing employment, education and food: Growers and youth will work in the greenhouse through the winter, growing microgreens (small salad greens) to be distributed to local group homes.

How can you help?

None of this is possible without generous support from our community. Please consider a year-end gift to Red Wiggler Community Farm. Every dollar ensures we are able to continue to grow.

Please consider:

  1. Making a donation
  2. Hosting an event
  3. Liking us on facebook and following us on twitter
  4. Giving a donation to Red Wiggler as a gift this holiday season

Highlights of year-round programming:

The unusually cold fall we had this year in Maryland has confirmed our gratitude for The Jerome S. & Grace H. Murray Foundation Building and The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Greenhouse. We have been making warm soups in crockpots every Thursday afternoon; the perfect warming treat for everyone harvesting on Fridays.

The building and greenhouse offer more than just a warm place in the winter and a place to cool off in the summer. They allow us to conduct year-round programming. Over the past 20 months, we have been able to better serve our participants by providing more food, employment and educational opportunities.


Since moving into our new space:

  1. Low-income residents received 87% more food
  2. Growers worked 47% more hours
  3. Youth participated for 83% more hours

While we do appreciate the reflection and relaxation that winter affords us, we cannot wait to build on our successes in the 2014 season! Please join us by donating today.