Grower Spotlight: Nuno

November 08th, 2013

Nuno began working at Red Wiggler in 2008. He works here 5 days a week, and rarely misses a day of work. Below is Laura’s interview with Nuno.

What is your favorite job at Red Wiggler?

I like to use the hoe to get the weeds out of the vegetable beds. It gets grass, flowers, and weeds. It is easy to get the weeds out, easier than hand-weeding!

What other jobs do you do?

I also like taking all the plants out of the field once they have finished growing, loading them into the truck, and taking them out to the compost or the dumpster. I like getting all the potatoes out of the field once Matt digs them up with the tractor. And I like putting the butternut squash into containers so that they don’t get rotten.

What is your favorite vegetable to eat?

I made sweet potatoes for dinner last night; I cooked them in the oven with butter and it was very good.

What do you like to do when you’re not at the farm?

Sometimes I go out in the community with Mr. Wood and go bowling. I like to talk on the phone with my parents, and go out with my sister and my nephews on the weekends.

What is one thing you’ll remember from this year?

The hardest thing to do was collecting all the butternut squash from the field. We had to use the loppers to cut the butternut from the vines, and the squash were hard to find in all the weeds. We brought them to the truck where Andrea sorted them.