Family and Friends Sponsorships for the Harvest Celebration

August 11th, 2013

A different way to support the Harvest Celebration

This year Red Wiggler is hoping that our friends and family will support our annual Harvest Celebration through a Family and Friends Sponsorship.

By showing your support for the Harvest Celebration as a Family and Friends Sponsor you are showing our community your commitment to local farming, health, education and employment, the environment, and an inclusive community. All donations made to Red Wiggler are 100% tax deductible.

In thanks of your support, we will display the names of our Friends and Family Sponsors at the event and online.

Please show your support through a Friends and Family Sponsorship today!


Download  and fill out our Friends and Family Sponsorship Form. You can then email it to or you can mail it to Red Wiggler with your form of payment.  Please mail to: Red Wiggler, PO Box 968, Clarksburg, MD  20871

Or, visit our Donate Now page and let Anna ( know which Sponsor level you’ll be!

You may also call the office at 301.916.2216 to pay by phone.


⎕ Cherry Tomatoes ($25)

⎕ Carrots ($50)

⎕ Kholrabi ($100)

⎕ The Greens ($150+)

⎕ Sweet Potatoes ($250)

⎕ Beehive Sponsors ($500)

⎕ Garden Sponsors ($1,000+)

Thank you so much for supporting Red Wiggler in this special way.

*** A special thank you to our wonderful business sponsors!  ***