Helping kids make healthy choices!

May 04th, 2012

Red Wiggler is developing a new curriculum that incorporates MyPlate (the new nutrition pyramid) into connecting youth with the source of their food called Healthy Choices, Healthy Lives. Sam has been working to develop and implement this exciting new program!

The first school visit we did was to Gaithersburg Elementary School. Kara and I taught a group of first graders (six classes). First, using pictures of vegetables from the farm, I put together a slide show of vegetables we grow (during the growing season) and we showed it to the kids. Included in the slide show, were pictures of tomatoes, peppers (both bell peppers and hot peppers), garlic, as well as several others, using mostly just the common vegetables (tomato, pepper, cucumber, for instance) vegetables that people know about. But we put some pictures in of kohlrabi and other uncommon vegetables to teach the kids about new vegetables as well.
During the school visit, we taught them a song about the five food groups.
It goes like this…
(to the tune of jingle bells)
Five food groups, five food groups
Eat them everyday
Grains and Dairy and Protein
Fruits and Vegetables
Five food groups, five food groups
Eat them everyday
Help your body grow to be
Strong in every way!
After teaching them the song, a big MyPlate (with velcro) was used to identify the food groups, then each food was placed in the correct food group.
During the visit, we taught them about My Plate, then, using stickers, had them sort out the stickers according to which food group each food went into (using a piece of paper with a plate on it). The children put them in the right food group on the plate (we mixed up the pictures, so it wouldn’t be too easy for them). After each student had finished, they went around the room saying what food they put on their plate as well as which food group it belonged to.
Next week, the same students are coming to the farm to learn where their vegetables (or food) comes from. During this visit the children will be able to plant a seed to take home with them (so they can understand where their food comes from).
Stay tuned for an update on next week’s visits!