The story of George Longbottom the Caterpillar

July 31st, 2011

Here is a blog entry from one of our youth volunteers who ended up with a new friend after bringing dill home from Red Wiggler!

Here’s the story of yet another caterpillar, this one named George Longbottom…

We got some dill at Red Wiggler.  The next thing we knew, George was our guest, happily munching away.  Each day, he’s gotten much bigger.  We had to get him more dill!

We had had the dill on the counter in a glass of water (very fancy!) when we discovered our green, black, and yellow-striped friend.  The funniest thing is that this has happened to us a lot, with Monarchs and Eastern Black Swallowtails alike. (George is a Swallowtail.)