A late summer day at Red Wiggler

September 19th, 2010

Ten-year-old Sebastian is one of our regular volunteers. Assisted by photographer Tobias, 7, here is his recap of a recent morning on the farm.

When we got there, we harvested beans (it ain’t easy:-)).

And while were doing that we saw two pairs of mating (I think) grasshoppers. At one point a grasshopper jumped on my shoulder!

The chickens are fine. 🙂

Then we got carrots (also not easy). First, we had to use pitchforks to loosen up the soil. Then we pulled out the carrots and as if that wasn’t enough, we had to shake off the dirt, and tie them into bunches. Phew!

After our work was finished, we had a delicious lunch, and some great watermelon for dessert!