Thoughts from the Summer “Intern Grower”

August 03rd, 2009

As mentioned on our July 10th blog, the Red Wiggler Farm has enjoyed the opportunity to have a “Intern Grower” through the Summer Youth Job Program (in partnership with Montgomery County). Here is our intern, Stephen, working at Red Wiggler:
Here is Stephen working with some of the other growers at Red Wiggler:
As part of Stephen’s internship at the Farm, he wanted to write a brief written and photographic journal of his experiences here this summer. Here’s what Stephen has to say about his time here at Red Wiggler Farm so far, and some of the pictures he’s been taking!
Week 1 (July 17th):
My first day of work I was nervous. Now I have friends. I pick out weeds and kill bugs. I like it at the farm. It’s fun to be outside. I harvest crops. This is a picture of the squash crop that I took:

Week 2 (July 24th):
I harvest lots of garlic and go home smelling strong. I rolled out hay to put around plants to keep weeds and bugs off. This is a picture of the garlic harvest that I took:
Week 3 (July 31st):
I put hay around the plant so weeds won’t grow. I dug potatoes from the ground.
Here is a picture of tomatoes that I took:

…So be sure to stay tuned to read about the second half of Stephen’s summer internship – here at Red Wiggler Farm – in a couple of weeks!