Here Come the Tomatoes

April 28th, 2009

Today is another beautiful and HOT day! Yesterday it was well into the 90’s and today is pushing 90 as well. We got a lot done this morning though: we planted tomatoes, watered the pick your own flowers, and hooped and covered the tomatoes with fabric. Hopefully the fabric will serve to scare off any animals that would like to turn those tomatoes into a snack. We have quite the groundhog population on the farm this year, so we’re trying to keep those baby plants from becoming baby groundhog food.

Yesterday we went to Butler’s Orchard, a neighboring Pick-Your-Own Farm, to glean spinach from their fields. We were able to send our growers home with 2 pounds of spinach each; we sent 40 pounds to the food bank, and 30 to group homes for adults with developmental disabilities. That comes out to 100 pounds total! If you’ve never been to Butler’s Orchard, they’re a very popular spot to pick all sorts of fruits, flowers and vegetables. We’ll be there in a month or so to start picking strawberries, and yesterday we could see the strawberry plants were already starting to flower!