It’s a-buzz around here

April 21st, 2009

Today, as I zipped by the beehives on the golf cart I noticed that the bees were very active–in fact, the most activity I’ve seen yet this year. And like the bees, we here (the people) are very busy. The rain put a little hitch in our stride the past couple of days, but we took the opportunity today to multitask. Filling pots in anticipation of the 1,080 plants to arrive tomorrow afternoon (peppers & tomatoes) after I pick them up in Delaware; weeding the garlic; mowing the aisles, cleaning pots; and prepping the truck for the journey.

Nonetheless, one of the most exciting developments that I happened upon today is the below picture. The asparagus has poked itself out of the ground! We don’t have enough to give it to our CSA plus it’s a little early, we’ve got a month to go, but there’s enough around to share with our workforce.