A (September) day in the life of a volunteer….

September 30th, 2008

It was one of those “Wish I could bottle this moment” times yesterday….bouncing around in the wagon with the growers, behind Adrienne driving the tractor, on our way up to the pumpkin and squash patch.
The air was fresher and cleaner, following the rains of the weekend, and it was thankfully cooler for this UK native to be working in the fields.
I never cease to be moved and thrilled by the happy and expectant atmosphere that I have come to know since working as a volunteer with the staff and growing team at Red Wiggler. Yesterday was no exception.
Perhaps it was because of the glorious colors of the produce we were about to pile in the wagon; yellow, gold, orange, green. Perhaps it was the energy that comes from being outside, communing with nature, and being amongst friends or maybe just the heralding of Fall and the knowledge that a busy summer growing season was finally coming to an end……whatever it was, it was an immensely satisfying and happy day for us all!!
Sue Skeith September 29th 2008
(see photo in previous posting)