Year: 2007

A steamy hot WEEK #10

Hazy, HOT and humid is tomato season in all its’ abundance this season! We are grateful to have an adequate irrigation system that allows us to grow these ripe, nutritious wonders of the world. Tomatoes-red-pink-heirlooms-cherriesCucumbersSummer SquashZucchiniEggplantSweet PeppersHOT Peppers!*which many cultures believe that when you eat hot peppers they actually cool you down!TomatillosGarlic -adrienneThis weeks CSA Read More …

Harvest #9–We’re back!

We’re back after ARTFARM and rolling in the tomatoes. Get out your canning supplies because we’ve got ’em here for you. Red TomatoesHeirloom TomatoesCherry TomatoesGarlicEggplantSweet PeppersHot PeppersCucumbersSummer SquashZucchini -adrienneThis weeks newsletter link

Harvest #8–NO Pick up next week!

CucumbersSummer SquashZucchiniTurnipsSweet PeppersHot PeppersCherry TomatoesSwiss ChardRed Tomatoes -adrienne *David and our plethora of cukes! Reminder, next week there is NO pick up due to ARTFARM! Please consider joining us on Saturday, July 28th 10am-4pm for a wonderful event.

Week # 7 and Newsletter

It’s hot out here now, but hopefully by the time you come to get your veggies it’ll have cooled down. The photo above is of the growers rolling out straw as a natural mulch for our next planting of summer squash. Cucumbers!!Summer SquashZucchiniSwiss ChardSweet PeppersHot PeppersRadishesCherry Tomatoes! click here for this weeks CSA member newsletter Read More …

Harvest #6 and Newsletter

Swiss ChardTurnipsSummer SquashZucchiniCucumbersSweet PeppersHot PeppersBeetsGarlicButler’s Blueberries Click here for this weeks CSA member newsletter **Remember Wednesday’s pick is moved to Tuesday in observance of the 4th of July holiday.-adrienne

Harvest # 4 and Newsletter

Kale OR CollardsArugulaSwiss ChardSalad Mix. . .it’s nearing the endTurnipsRadishesBeetsButler’s BlueberriesSummer Squash click here for this weeks CSA member newsletter -adrienne

Harvest #3 and Newsletter

This week it’s a choice of either or’s. TurnipsRadishesSalad MixSpring OnionsGarlic ScapesKale OR CollardsBraising Mix OR Arugula click here for this weeks CSA member newsletter See you later this week.-adrienne

Harvest #2 and Newsletter

This week’s pick up: Garlic ScapesArugulaHakurei TurnipsSwiss ChardSpring OnionsButler’s Strawberries click here for this weeks member newsletter -adrienne

A Gaggle of Goodness

Hey! It’s a picture of us after a hard morning of planting! We just put in hot peppers, basil, and cherry tomatoes. We’ll have to wait a few months before harvesting them, but they’re on their way to being productive plants/food. In other news, Saturday, May 19th is scheduled as our “Welcome the 2007 Farm Read More …

Seedlings Ready for Planting

The growers have been working this week to ready our plants for setting out in the fields. We hope to begin transplanting flowers by the end of the week and we may be able to get our early tomatoes in the ground as early as next week! The above photo is of our growers laying Read More …

A cold stretch slows us down, but . . .

. . .that doesn’t keep us from going. We’ve been doing a bit of farm maintence. Tree and brush pruning; rock removal; barn cleaning, etc.We’re waiting for the sun to come out and dry out the soil. Hopefully, the seeds that are in the ground now are just waiting for some sunshine to come along Read More …

Bluebirds Abound

All this past week our crew of growers sited numerous couples of Eastern Bluebirds scoping out nesting sites on the farm. We are all hoping they will choose our location to settle and make baby bluebirds this spring. We are working closly with Park Naturalist, Denise Gibbs, to provide habitat for these very personable creatures. Read More …