Extended Season 2nd Harvest & our First Autumn Frost

October 30th, 2007
Here is a photo of our post harvest routine today. Also we should note that over the past two nights we have experienced our first hard frosts of the fall season. These frosts killed off our basil, pepper plants, eggplant and the last of the tomatoes. Recognizing the coming frosts the growers harvested all our peppers and eggplant this past Friday. And our extended season CSA members will enjoy those last summer fruits.


A winter squash
lots o’ eggplant
lots o’ sweet peppers
lots o’ hot peppers
radishes (d’avignon and crunchy royale varieties)
turnips (2 bunches of hakurei)
beets (red ace and chioggia)
swiss chard
braising mix
a few more tomatoes

That’s what we have for you this 2nd extended season harvest.