2nd CSA Harvest/s

June 06th, 2006

CSA Member and child picking herbs in 2006.
This week CSA participants can expect the following:

1 bunch Red Russian Kale – jagged leaves with reddish hue-
1 bunch of Collards– rounded green leafs
1 bag of baby Salad Mix– about a half pound
1 bag of Arugula -about a half pound-this can be eaten raw as a spicy salad by itself or you can combine it with the salad mix.
1 bunch of Turnips
1 bunch of Radishes
1 bunch of Spring Onions
Garlic Scapes
1 box of “conventional” Strawberries (from Butlers Orchard). If you would like more strawberries, we suggest that you add some time to your trip and go over to Butlers and pick as many as you like. This may very well be the end of the strawberry season. We can give you directions when you pick your vegetables up.

In the Pick Your Own (PYO) garden we will have dill, snapdragon, and straw flowers. We will need to give the oregano and thyme a rest this week.

We will have recipes again this week in the printed newsletter and an update on what’s happening in the fields. Its been a busy week as we harvest, plant and try to keep ahead of the weeds. The growers were laying out tomato stakes today, and we will begin stringing those plants on Wednesday- weather permitting.

If you wish to comment- please click on the light blue “comments” link just below this post. A window will open, and you can see a text box in the upper right corner- the cursor should already be there. Your comments are very helpful to us.
Thank you and enjoy- WW

Pick up times:
Wednesday 2pm-6pm
Saturday 9am-noon
*If you can not make it for the pick up you may ask a friend to pick up for you but please ask them to be sure to check your name off the “check-off list” which is in the barn right next to your weekly newsletter.*
**Please remember to always WASH your vegetables.**