Volunteering at Red Wiggler

May 02nd, 2006

Volunteers, Staff and CSA members pose for a photograph outside Red Wiggler's barn in 2006.Volunteering at Red Wiggler

What a spring we had at the Red Wiggler Community Farm in 2006!
Plantings abound – from seedlings in flats under lights to direct seeding in the fields. There has been a lot of prep work to develop soil fertility for higher yields. Heavy cover crop seed bags have been emptied – one by one, and generous amounts of organic matter laid in rows to enhance balanced soil fertility from within the soil.
The farm has had many volunteers this spring helping out in the fields. Independent students from local schools have volunteered on their days off school to help plant & straw asparagus, plant kohlrabi, shovel Leafgro on rows, and weeding. The farm has also been open for volunteers one Saturday a month in March & April. We had several CSA families help with the garlic patch, laying drip tape for irrigation, working on our deer fence, and lots of weeding.
The Red Wiggler has had several schools volunteer. Both students with and without disabilities have worked hard filling pots for transplants, shoveling Leafgro, planting potatoes, and accomplishing feats like worker bees to complete jobs that would have taken 1 or 2 people an entire afternoon.
We have also had the honor of working with engineering students from the University of Maryland who have volunteered at Red Wiggler to help us with permitting/construction efforts with the “People’s Choice” Solar House that was donated to the farm after the Solar Decathlon on the Mall (DC) last October.
It is great to see enthusiastic folk on the farm! There’s something invigorating and rewarding about being outside on a sunny day and working as a team to accomplish a goal that benefits so many!
There are many different reasons why people volunteer on the Red Wiggler Community Farm: interest in sustainable farming methods; interest in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture); interest in working with adults with developmental disabilities; interest in alternative energy – Whatever the reason, the farm is thankful to all of our volunteers who help us reach our vision of creating fertile ground to nourish a healthy & inclusive community.
Beth McCormack/Volunteer Coordinator