Busy busy busy

April 01st, 2006

The past few weeks have been extremely productive. We direct seeded kale, collards, braising greens, turnips, beets, more spinach, carrots, fava beans, more peas and an assortment of “green manures”. We also planted 200 more crowns of asparagus. We now have 500 crowns growing and we expect our first major harvest of asparagus to be in mid April of 2007. The growers were busy deconstructing and reconstructing our deer fence with the help of volunteers. As of today the fields are well protected from deer. Work continues on ensuring fertility with the spreading of lots of Leaf-Gro. (Special thanks to Montgomery County’s Solid Waste Division)We are also busy laying out our drip tape lines for irrigation. Last nights rain was the first we have seen in over one month. In the office we have about 40 flats of plants growing and next week we are set to start our second planting of tomatoes. ww