Wednesdays are FULL

January 19th, 2006

Hello and Good Afternoon. This is my first entry on our blog, so pardon my excitement.
Well, after fielding many a phone call in the past two days and getting a literal “haul” at the post office today, we are officially full for our Wednesday CSA pickups. We only have about 8 spots left for our Saturday pickups. It’s exciting to think that it’s mid-January and already people are excited about getting veggies this summer! I’m pumped to start getting into the swing of planting, even though it means long, hot days and lots of hard work. Some how that tiredness has vanished and I’m left with renewed energy (however that could be the mocha I drank to warm up speaking).
I believe this year will be truly exciting and fruitful. Yipee!
Farmer Adrienne